Your dog is “Begging” to be trained!

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This Rattle Snake Avoidance Class Has Been Canceled !

Please check back as we are trying to reschedule it 


Rattle Snake Avoidance Training

 Time is here again

 Saturday April 9th at 5:00pm at the Campbell’s ranch near 77 Ave and Pinnacle Peak 

 The investment is $100 per dog

 4k9solutions.com with Jay Smith will have a 10 dog minimum Rattle Snake Avoidance Training

We train with live defanged and tethered Rattlesnakes
I have been working with bird dogs from the age of fifteen and this is by far the safest and closest to the real thing that you and your dog will ever encounter without being bit! We train by scent, sight and then the sound of the rattler often turning your dog into an early warning indicator if a Rattlesnake is nearby. But most importantly possibly saving your dog’s life.

 Contact Ken for the directions and to reserve your spot and go to www.4k9training.com to see previous training videos!


Please bring water for you and your dogs. There will be a bathroom  inside the family ranch house so please be  respectful. Please clean up after yourself and your dogs. If your dog is dog aggressive or reactive please keep them off to your own space until it is your turn. If your dog is people aggressive or collar sensitive or aggressive please tell Jay. Please bring a camp chair or something to sit on as Jay will put you and your dogs through a few different tests to make sure that your dog responds to the training. If you are afraid of snakes please tell Jay that you need help as we like to get you involved in your dog’s training so that you get the full effect of what your dog will act like after encountering a Rattlesnake. If your dog has any medical problems, please tell Jay ahead of time. If everything goes smoothly Jay will get you out of there early, so please arrive early!








 Patience, Care, and Compassion

 Every dog has a unique personality and disposition. Because of this, every canine needs to be trained differently. This requires a  trainer, with a wide range of experience and a lot of knowledge. Whether you want to train a puppy, or an older dog, you need an expert to effectively train your best friend. If you love your animal, you can count on 4k9solutions to train with love and compassion.

4k9solutions offers
  • Private lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Family lessons
  • Basic canine obedience training
  • Advanced canine obedience training
  • House breaking (Puppies and older dogs)
  • Training for older dogs
  • Canine socialization
  • In-Home or Public Park Training
  • Off-leash training
  • Agility training
  • Behavior modification for timid dogs
  • Aggression management and solutions
  • Separation anxiety
  • Barking, chewing, digging distruction

                           Your dog is "Begging" to be trained!

                                        We train ALL dogs. Call Ken Desch for details! 602-618-0446

                                                    Also see www.4k9training.com
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